10 Delicious Japanese Dishes Beyond Sushi

10 Delicious Japanese Dishes Beyond Sushi

For years, sushi has become the star dish of Japanese restaurants around the world. However, in Japan, it is not a dish eaten every day. Rather, it is for celebrations with relatives and guests. There are other Japanese dishes equally good, or even better. Indeed, traditional Japanese cuisine or “washoku” is unknown outside its borders, despite being UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2013. In this article, we made a good selection of safety pins.


We know that it is not the best time of the year to try it, but concentrate it with noodles, seaweed, pork slices, Naruto, kimchi and boiled vegetables. An authentic lifeguard in the form of a breeding ground for the coldest days or for those summer nights when you want something comforting.


These immature soybeans are present in more and more Japanese and Chinese restaurants. Light and rich in flavor, they are a perfect starter, especially for summer.


It is the main entree, served in most Japanese restaurants. It consists of pickled vegetables, a dish that can easily be made at home. Moreover, its vinegary touch is tasty and opens the appetite.


This dish consists of delicious rice balls grilled, hot inside and crispy on the outside. Like the edamame, they serve perfectly as a snack.


This dish is a type of pizza, eaten during matsuri, popular parties. Moreover, it is easily recognized because once finished, it is covered with okonomiyaki sauce or mayonnaise. This dish is an alternative to pizza and is even better.

Melon bread

Apart from Sushi, this type of bread is sweet and much healthier than Chinese bread. There is not any melon, but it has the form of the fruit.


Unlike the goyzas stuffed with veal, pork or only vegetables, these empanadillas are peculiar for being an explosion of broth when biting them. Beware of stains.

Nasu Dengaku

Easy to prepare and delicious, these aubergines are covered in white miso, mirin, and sake. Healthy and tasty, these are a true icon of Japanese cuisine.

Unagi Donburi

Unagi in Japanese means eel, a very common ingredient in the Japanese kitchen. The star ingredient of this dish is the freshwater eels that are prepared with a bed of rice. It simply is irresistible.

Asari no sakamushi

They are clams in sake, the typical Japanese rice drink. They can be eaten as a single dish or accompanied by noodles.

Which Japanese dish, apart from sushi, did you find most delicious among all? We would love to know.

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