A Short Guide to Eating Healthy At A Malaysian Restaurant

A Short Guide to Eating Healthy at The Malaysian Restaurant or Others

It’s not always easy to eat healthy when you’re at a Malaysian Restaurant or other restaurants. That’s why we prepared a smart guide to help you make your meal choices outside of your home.

Eat without remorse

It is estimated that one in three meals in Canada is taken outside. But if you know what’s on your plate and can control the amount of salt and the portion size when you make your own meals, it’s much harder to do so in a restaurant.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a business dinner, a romantic dinner or a family meal without any remorse.

Chinese Restaurant

CHOOSE broth soups, spring rolls (raw), steamed dim sum, omelets, salads, steamed vegetables, white rice, fish dishes, chicken, seafood or vegetables. For dessert: fresh pineapple, lychees or sorbets.

AVOID fried foods, such as fried ravioli or donuts for dessert. Also avoid Cantonese rice, sweet and sour dishes, and anything that is “crispy” and caramel.

Indian Restaurant

CHOOSE papadams with raita sauce, tandoori tikkas (except tikka masala), karias and bhunas, spinach dishes, or vegetarian dishes.

AVOID very greasy dishes like bhajis, pakoras, and samosas (donuts). Avoid bread made with added fats like nans, peshawis, parathas and puris. Also, avoid creamy dishes (kormas, masalas, dhansaks), Pilaf rice, biryani and butter chicken.

Italian Restaurant

CHOOSE melon, vegetable antipasti, minestrone, fish carpaccio, pasta with tomato sauce, grilled chicken, fish dishes, pizza without cheese (add Parmesan cheese yourself), without sausages or merguez, without rind and with lots of vegetables.

AVOID garlic bread, fried calamari, scampi, pasta with white sauces, cheese, pesto sauce, pizzas with a filling too fat, breaded meats, tiramisu, and pannacotta. Attention to the size of the portions. Indeed, the Italian restaurants are known for their generous plates.

Malaysian Restaurant

CHOOSE sushi, sashimi, maki, miso soup, yakitoris, tatakis, steam fish, or wakame salad.

AVOID tempuras, agemonos (with vegetables, chicken or seafood) and other fried foods such as fried tofu or tonkatsu.

Japanese Restaurant

CHOOSE crudités and salads (vinaigrette aside), soups, vegetables, meats, poultry and fish steamed, baked, grilled, roasted, poached, parboiled or sautéed. You can also choose milk desserts, fruits, and sorbets.

AVOID entrées with mayonnaise (eggs, celery rémoulade, avocado), cold cuts, dishes in a sauce, crust, breaded food, butter, cream, fried food, dishes with sauce hollandaise, French fries, cheese, or pastries.

You can now go out to eat at any Malaysian Restaurant or other restaurants, without worrying about ingesting too many calories and nutrients. It is a good way to avoid cooking without undermining your health.

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