Asian Cuisine – Famous As An Authentic Asian Food

As we know, Asia cuisine is the biggest and most peopled continent in the world. Asia has the beginning of the world’s most golden and developed civilizations. Mainly Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Mongolian. Because of the diversity of the different cultures and people, there are a variety of authentic foods available.

The diverse societies of Asia each built up their own ethnic cooking. We may use them lots of similar ingredients like ginger, garlic, rice, coconut milk, and so on in their basic cooking. Their cooking mainly depends upon the communication of history, condition, and culture.

Let’s Discuss Some Popular Foods in Different Countries of Asia

Gulab Jamun Famous Sweet Dish In India

Famous Sweet Dish

Gulab Jamun Is Sweet Sugary Sweet dish popular mostly in all over in India. They habitually made this dish for any festival. Gulab Jamun is nothing but a spongy dough made from curdled milk solid balls. These crudely balls need to be deep fry and mixed into rose water syrup with some cardamom powder for flavoring. You can serve this delicious dish, either hot or cold.

Tasty Sushi in Japan

Japanese Tasty Treat

Sushi is a famous Japanese food. The base of sushi made from vinegar’d rice. Then, for taste, add some ingredients. Sushi also includes some thin layer of cuts fish, fish egg, caviar, and wraps of seaweed.

Famous Noodles Soup In China

Delicious Soup

Chinese food not only famous in China but all over in Asia. Noodle soup is one of them. For this soup, noodles are the main ingredient. Toppings are varied; they may be different vegetables with some local herb for flavor or some meaty toppings or even chicken drumsticks. Variation of topping is endless. You need to choose your favorite topping and enjoy this tempting soup.

Hot Momos In Himalaya

Yummy Fast Food

Momos are Chinese influence recipe now common in all over Asia mainly Himalaya Border. Momos are common fast food in Tibet, Bhutan, and India made from meat dumpling or veg dumpling. Hot moms served with chili sauce or dark soya sauce.

Yummiest Kimchi in Korea


Spicy, fermented kimchi is a very common dish which include daily Korean meal. Kimchi use as ketchup in Korea. Made from seasonal vegetables and napa cabbage. It served with rice.

Delicious Dessert Ais Kacang In Malaysia

Delicious Dessert

Made from Icecream, fruits, beans, and syrups. This dessert is common in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Ingredients may vary in it, but the famous combination is a traditional mix. Asi Kacang comes with sweet corn, red beans, grass jelly, and Icecream. Don’t forget to taste this delicious dessert in Malaysia.

Tempting Mango Sticky Rice In Thailand

Yummy Thai Dish

Famous Thai dessert made from fresh mangoes, coconuts sticky rice, and coconuts syrup with a topping of roasted mung beans. Taste of this dessert is slightly salty with sweet. Mangoes are alone delicious enough, but with sticky coconut flavored rice, it tastes divine.

The list of mouth-watering Asian foods are Uncountable, but in summary, we can conclude that Asian foods are just heavenly in taste. Asian foods not only calm our hunger but also give happiness to our hearts as well by their authentic taste.

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