Asian Food – A Vivid Test Of Simply Asia -

Asian Food – A Vivid Test Of Simply Asia

Asian cooking is one of the most famous and vibrant cuisines in the world. Asian cooking may vary as per region. There are lots of region included in Asia. Like East Asia, North Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and many more. So there are different varieties of Asian food available here in Asia. The cooking style may fluctuate as per culture, tradition, and language also. But if you wont to test colorful, brilliant food you must visit simply Asia.

Some Important Ingredient that gives the delicious test to Asian Food

In Asia, some common ingredient used for making any dish. They normally include rice, ginger, sesame seed, garlic, curry leaves, chilies, dried onion, Soya in their cuisines. Steaming, deep-frying, Sir frying are the general methods of cooking.

In addition to this, rice is very popular in Asin cooking. There are lots of dishes available here, which mainly based on rice. So in Asia, there are lots of varieties of rice found. Especially Basmati rice is very famous in Indian cuisines. Yogurt, coconut milk are some more ingredients that mainly used in Asia.
Let’s Discuss Some famous Asian Foods

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

Very famous dish in Asia. Almost all non-vegetarian people enjoyed this dish. Preparing BBQ Chicken is not a much harder task. You need to choose fresh chicken pieces and marinated them with some flavored honey, and some spices then serve with rice.


Dumpling is famous in Vietnam. These are a stuffed with some mushroom or pork and garnish them with spicy chili and garlic sauce. And enjoy this yummiest but easy to cook dish any time.

Chili Chicken

Yummiest Chicken

Delicious and yummiest dish that almost all people like. One can eat this chili chicken with rice or even enjoy this dish stand-alone. Chili chicken is a spicy but tasty treat for chicken lover. Made up with common ingredient, but the result is divine.

Vegetable Noodles With Black Pepper Sauce

Veg Noodles

Not only tasty but healthy recipe too. As this recipe made with lots of fresh vegetables and black pepper sauce. These noodles are mainly Japanese recipe but adopted by all Asian cuisines. This vegetable noodle is the perfect dish for any dinner party. As in the party, there are Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian people also included so this dish is very comfortable for both.

Thai Fish Curry

Fish Curry

Famous Thai dish but accepted by all over the world. Your guest can easily impress by this dish as it looks appetizing. This Thai dish is very easy to make, and you need green curry, which generally cooked with coconut and tenderly cooked fish.

Fried Rice

Delicious famous Rice

Fried rice is very easy to cook recipe. It prepared with ample vegetables, some spices, and little oil. This dish loved by every age of people. So its perfect item for kids menu or even in dinner time light menu. You can see different varieties of this fried rice in all over Asian food Cuisine.

In Summary, finally, we conclude that there are plenty of varieties of Asian food available. You need to choose the best suitable for your taste. And enjoy the vivid taste of this food with mouth-watering spices.

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