Southeast Asian Foods: 5 Dishes You Should Not Miss

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Southeast Asia is famous for its rich cuisine and provides us with a wonderful gastronomic trip. The Asian foods of the region has a unique balance between acidity, sweetness, and spice.

Although almost all meals involve rice and chili – the verb ‘to eat’ in Thai literally means eating rice – the region’s cuisine goes way beyond that.

The main ingredients are rice and its derivatives such as rice paper, noodles, tofu, moyashi, fish broths, peanuts, coconut milk, shoyo, seafood, pork, chicken, lemongrass, vegetables, ginger, mushrooms, mango, lemon and lots of pepper – magically combined in sautéed or stewed dishes.

In this article, we listed the most delicious Asian Foods.

Pad Thai, Thailand and almost all countries in Southeast Asia

Thai food is delicious. It influences not only the West but many of the Southeast Asian countries. You can find restaurants with Thai dishes almost anywhere. The most famous dish is pad Thai. It is made of rice noodles, pepper, tofu, shrimp, vegetables, and parsley, wrapped in scrambled eggs.

If you are going to Bangkok, make sure you taste the Thipsamai dish, voted the best in the world.

Amok fish, Cambodia

Amok fish is the most typical dish of Cambodia and refers to the times of the Khmer Empire. It is a fish that people soak in coconut milk with lots of pepper. They usually serve it with the broth or on a banana leaf, accompanying rice. There is also a variation of the dish that people make from meat, but we recommend the traditional version of this Asian Food.

Som tam, Thailand and Cambodia

Salads based on fruits such as papaya, mango, or grapefruit, are very common in Southeast Asia. One of the most famous and tasty is the som tam green papaya salad, sliced very thin, with carrots, green beans, peanuts, and lemon juice.

Babi Guling, Bali

Babi Guling – or suckling pig – is the most traditional Balinese dish. It is a suckling pig slowly cooking for hours until the skin is crispy. It comes with vegetables, sausages and, rice. Despite being sold all over town, try it at Ibi Oka in Ubud, Bali’s most famous restaurant, even recommended by Anthony Bourdain.

Green Curry – The Most Famous Asian Food, Thailand

Asian Foods
Asian Foods in Southeast: 5 Dishes You Should Not Miss

The green curry is a variation of Thai curries with coconut milk, lemongrass, vegetables, and green peppers, giving color to the dish. It can be with chicken, pork or vegetables. You should also try the yam, a red curry of seafood, the yellow curry and the Khao soy curry soup. They are all divine and very tasty.

Southeast Asian food is very spicy. If they ask you if you want spicy, tell them to put little pepper.

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