Chinese Cooking: The Most Popular Methods Of The World

Chinese Cooking Methods That Are Popular Across The World

Chinese cooking and methods are well known among foodies around the world. Indeed, Chinese food is different and has its own style. Cuisine from China emphasizes the seasonal ingredient. You need to use fresh ingredients. Otherwise, the dish would not be prepared properly. Actually, you do not need to make many arrangements when you are planning to cook some Chinese food. In fact, there is no synthetic texture or color used in Chinese cuisine.

This cooking approach is completely dependent on the cookery and the talent of the chef. They are talented enough to make perfect presentations to customers. This article summarizes some popular Chinese cooking methods. If you have plans to cook Chinese dishes at home, then these methods can help you to bring perfection to your food.


This method is the most classic method that is used by Chinese chefs when they cook food. This method is not only easy and quick, it is also flavorful and tasty as well. In order to succeed in this method, you would need a wok and a wok spatula with you. You can stir-fry on any kind of fire or stove. If you can preheat the wok, then you can use an electric stove as well. Different kinds of vegetables, meat and seafood can be cooked using this method. All ingredients have to be diced or cubed before stir-frying. You can use sauce, salt and other the seasonings used for marinating seafood or meat.


If you are about to produce crisp-textured food, then the method you should use is deep-frying. This method is usually used for frying different kinds of vegetables and meat in oil. First of all, you have to preheat the oil at a high temperature. In order to use this method, you would need a deep saucepan or a deep fryer. In addition, you will need long chopsticks to turn the food while frying. You will also need a Chinese scoop strainer to remove the fried foods from the hot oil.


This method is considered as the healthiest of all the different Chinese cooking methods. Steaming can increase the delicious taste of different dishes to be even tastier. You would be able to feel the freshness of the ingredients used when you eat steamed food. Even better, steamed food contains different kinds of nutrients. This is because steaming generally prevents the loss of nutrients when cooking food. This is why people love to use this as their preferred Chinese cooking method.

If you happen to be in China, you might see people using bamboo steamers for cooking the steamed food. These steamers are quite peculiar and amazing in practice. For instance, you can stack them together. As a result, you can cook different types of food at the same time. In this manner, a bamboo steamer saves fuel and time. However, if you do not have a bamboo steamer, then you can fill a bowl with water and stack the ingredients on another bowl on top. Then you bring the water to a boil. This should work the same way as a bamboo steamer.

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