Chinese Desserts

Chinese Desserts - How Are They?

Usually, when we mention Western desserts, we imagine a long list of different sweet and delicious dishes, varieties of cakes, different types of chocolates, ice cream, sweets, and puddings. On the other side, when we think of Chinese desserts, the list does not seem very long. It may even be difficult to name singular or popular Chinese desserts.

In this article, we will discuss various Chinese Desserts. So, let’s dive into the sweetness of China.

On the Oriental Table

On an oriental table, you can taste sweet or bittersweet dishes at any time of lunch or dinner. Sweet food can be the main course and it can also be served as an entry or as a final meal. This is the reason why a Chinese gastronomy table is not adapted to eat a specific dish like dessert. This is very different from the western culture that is accustomed to eating sweet dishes at the end of each meal.

Different types of Chinese desserts according to the region

Chinese desserts depend on the region from which they come. The oriental nation is very broad. Therefore, it has different cultures and customs, meaning that each region has different ways of preparing meals and a great variety on the menu. For example, the southern region of China is recognized for having the most distinguished and exquisite desserts in the country, compared to the northern region which stands out for its delicious desserts prepared with flour, corn, and rice.

Dessert Tom Yuen

Tom Yuen is one of the most popular desserts made from rice. It is a famous dish from Hong Kong that consists of mango-filled gluten-free rice balls covered in fruit juice. It is usually served with coconut milk and fresh fruits.

Rice Pudding

This is another one of the popular Chinese desserts, which is made of rice. It is served on the tables of superstitious people who seek to progress or advance in business.

Fortune Cookies

It is a kind of crunchy cookie with a salty taste. The special thing about these cookies is that, on the inside, there is a strip of paper with a message of wisdom or prophecy. According to the beliefs, it will determine the fortune in your life. It is the best-known dessert or appetizer of traditional Chinese cuisine and is extremely easy to prepare. However, these cookies did not originate in China as believed, but were introduced in the country to please the whims of tourists in large cities.

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