5 Chinese Desserts That You Should Try When Traveling To China

5 Chinese Desserts That You Should Try When Traveling To China

If you are going to travel to China, these are the 5 traditional Chinese desserts that you should try.

Chinese fried ice cream

It is one of China’s typical desserts. The main ingredients are well-frozen vanilla ice cream balls, flour, bread crumbs, grated coconut, egg, and oil.

Chinese fried ice cream is a ball of frozen ice cream coated in raw egg, covered with crushed cookies or corn flakes, and then fried.

The first tool that the Chinese used to make ice cream caught the eye of Marco Polo, who later decided to take the recipe to Venice.

Dragon Beard

The origin of its name is the sugar threads with which they are made. Indeed, together, they look like the fine beard of a dragon.

The production of sweets from China goes back to the times of the Han dynasty. With the change of reign, sweets were banned in China as they wer related to the previous dynasty.

Dragon Beard contains sugar, peanuts, sesame seeds, dehydrated coconut, corn syrup, and glutinous rice. It is like cotton candy.

Moon Cake

It is the cake that is eaten at the Mid-Autumn Festival, a celebration that pays homage to the moon, and one of the most important in China. Moon cakes are small cakes that are usually filled with sweet or salty pasta. There are four types: ping, su, jkuang, and Tai.

There is a wide variety of moon cakes, but the main elements are flour, alkaline water, golden syrup, oil, lotus seed paste, and eggs.

 Nian Gao

It is a cake of agglutinated rice that is stuffed with vegetables and meat in some areas, or mixed with rose petals and mint in others.

Nian Gao means a desire to succeed. That is why it is so typical to have this dessert in the Chinese New Year, so that each year is better than the previous one.

Nian Gao contains water, brown sugar, sweet sticky rice flour, and vegetable oil.

Pineapple Buns or Bolo Baao (in Cantonese)

These are buns that are filled with butter or custard (but not pineapple). The ingredients of this dessert are flour, sugar, eggs, water, yeast, salt, and butter.

The main curiosity of this dessert in China is that, although it is called pineapple bun, it does not carry any of the fruit. The name is associated with the top part of the bun, which is marked with pictures reminiscent of the fruit.

If you plan a trip to China, don’t forget to taste these delicious delicacies.

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