Chinese Noodles or Japanese Noodles: You Must Know the Difference

Japanese Noodles or Chinese Noodles: You Must Know the Difference

Noodles are a popular dish in many Asian countries. So in this article, we will tell you what are the different types of Chinese and Japanese noodles that are used the most.

We know that you love Asian food and many times you want to prepare recipes at home. However, when choosing the pasta to prepare this type of dishes, a doubt arises if instead of the noodles indicated by the recipe, it can be prepared with the Italian pasta that is usually in the pantry.

Actually, the truth is that the different types of noodles used in these recipes are different from Italian pasta, and have different cooking methods. But, that does not mean it is impossible to use Italian pasta in Asian recipes.

Types of Chinese Noodles or Japanese Noodles

Soba, udon, ramen, somen, shirataki, tokoroten are names of dishes including noodles. We are sure that you already saw or ate them more than once.

Soba Noodles

Soba noodles are those grayish-brown noodles that are used for recipes like Yakisoba. They are made with buckwheat flour and regular wheat flour. Because of this, they get the red color. However, there is a variety made only with buckwheat (towari soba), and another green variety to which is added matcha tea (cha soba).

Shirataki of Konjac

They have become hyper-famous since they are marketed worldwide for the Dukan diet. However, they are one of the traditional types of Japanese noodles. They do not have flour, gluten, or carbohydrates, which is why they are loved by dieters. The caloric intake is just 10 calories per 100 g.

Udon Noodles

They are long and thick noodles that are made with water and they look like spaghetti. Their texture is tender so you can use these for hot dishes like a vegetarian tofu soup or for cold dishes.


These Chinese noodles can be sold fresh, but we usually find them dry in block form. You do not have to go to Asian products stores to get them, as they are in almost all supermarkets. With these noodles, you can prepare Chinese noodles with chicken and vegetables in 5 minutes.

Somen Noodles

They are very long and thin white wheat noodles that can be served with hot broths in winter, or cold in summer.


These gelatin noodles are made with agar-agar, which is used mainly for salads. Its preparation is very simple: the water is boiled with the agar-agar and it is passed through a grid so that the noodles go out.

We hope you have been able to know more about the differences between the different types of Chinese and Japanese noodles. If not, you can ask us any questions.

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