Handy Protection: Your Types Of Oven Gloves Handy Protection: Your Types Of Oven Gloves

Handy Protection: Your Types Of Oven Gloves

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Oven gloves are one of the most common things that are available in almost everyone’s kitchen. They are so common that not many people pay them much attention but they are an essential kitchen item. Oven gloves, as the name suggests, are used when you must work with ovens and they are used to protect your hands while taking out a steaming hot dish or cleaning out the oven. They’re available in many different materials, styles, and designs as well as provides different levels of protection. Before buying a new pair of oven gloves we usually focus solely on price. But we shouldn’t do this because it is for our safety and if we choose a good quality pair, then it will not risk our hands and the things that we work on or whatever we work with. This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of different types of oven gloves:

Types Of Oven Gloves: The Top Ones For You
Handy Protection: Your Types Of Oven Gloves

Different Types

The main aim of buying and using oven gloves is to protect your hands from the heat, dirt, oil, stains, chemicals and sharp edges. If it fails to do so correctly, then, of course, you have just wasted your money. Therefore, if you want to get your money’s worth, it is essential that you know about the capabilities of different types of oven gloves before you purchase them.

Cotton Oven Gloves

They are one of the most common types of gloves that people use. They are very comfortable because they are breathable and also they are available in many different colors and designs. Also, the best thing about them is that they are effortless to clean. As they are cotton, they can easily be popped into a washing machine and therefore be washed easily. However, despite all these advantages, cotton oven gloves are not very heat resistant. They can withstand a temperature up to 200 degrees F and anything above that can hurt your hands.

Types Of Oven Gloves: The Top Ones For You
Handy Protection: Your Types Of Oven Gloves

Rubber Oven Gloves

Rubber gloves are mostly made of neoprene. They have better heat resistance than cotton gloves. These gloves can keep you safe from heat up to 400 degrees F and that is way more than the cotton type of gloves can. But their main drawback is their level of comfort. Rubber gloves can be uncomfortable and sweaty because they are not porous. But because of the material, they have an excellent grip and therefore prevent slippage.

Silicone Oven Gloves

This is the best type of kitchen gloves as they are more flexible than rubber and have more heat resistance than either cotton or rubber. They are available in different designs, one with individual fingers that offer a heightened amount of mobility. These gloves can bear heat up to 500 degrees F that is a very good indeed. Silicone is highly durable, resilient, and a versatile material that ensure high-quality gloves. So if you have been using some other type of oven gloves, it is now highly recommended that you start using silicone ones because not only are they safe, but they will last you for a long time.

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