Healthy Asian Recipes You Must Try -

Healthy Asian Recipes You Must Try

We all love food, especially if it’s Asian cuisine. Authentic healthy Asian recipes use traditional and native ingredients for that perfect taste. They always have fresh food and spices which are homegrown, thus makes the dish more delicious. Back those days, chefs used to cook food in earthen pots which adds to the flavor of the dish. Asian food varies from place to place; the dishes are prepared without preservatives.

Below Are Some Super Fast And Healthy Asian Recipes

Healthy Asian Recipes You Must Try
Healthy Asian Recipes You Must Try

Asian Chicken Salad

Salads are a quick and healthy option, and you can include a variety of flavors according to your taste. It’s among the healthful dishes which you can make in no time. This recipe uses sweet carrots and peas, crunchy chopped almonds, and tender cooked chicken, and is dressed with honey-ginger sesame vinaigrette while keeping your calories under control. These are perfect for any time munching and keeps you full. You can also add in veggies of your choice if you wish to.

Barbeque Chicken

This is a mouth-watering yet straightforward dish to make. Perfect for a brunch or a barbecue night and all you need is your choice of chicken meat it can be leg, thighs, wings or breast with skin on. Firstly, marinate chicken with oil and sprinkle some salt and pepper to it. Now, prepare your grill or oven whichever is convenient for you.

Cook the chicken from both the sides but not directly over the flame else you will ruin the meat. Not apply your favorite barbecue sauce over the chicken and cook covered for some time. Take off from flame and serve hot.

Chicken Noodles

All of us love noodles, especially kids. Noodles can be made in various ways and healthy too. Firstly boil or cook the noodles and let it cool. Now in a pan add your favorite chopped vegetables such as carrots, French beans, onions, capsicum and add small pieces of chicken. Cook it all together and add seasonings salt, pepper, soy sauce, chili sauce, and your noodles are ready to eat. It’s a meal in itself, and you can make it healthy too.

Green Bean Salad Healthy Asian Recipes

Healthy Asian Recipes You Must Try
Healthy Asian Recipes You Must Try

This is a simple yet amazing dish. It’s cooked fresh pasta salad with minimal ingredients. The dressing is fantastic in itself and tastes sweet and sour, and can be paired with another salad too. Toss the beans in a pan with little oil and salt and pepper and add to your bowl of pasta salad. You can also serve it as a side to just about any leftover chicken or pork, beef or chopped boiled egg. This healthful and straightforward dish can be served at lunch or packed for work or school for a delicious healthy meal.

Hopefully, these dishes give you an authentic taste of Asian food, and you will make all of it in your kitchen. The recipes are simple yet full of flavors and taste. Some dishes have fewer calories content and are excellent for diet conscious people, and pure ingredients are required in it’s making.

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