Top 4 Japanese Foods To Test Urgently

Top 4 Japanese Foods to be tested urgently!

Japan is an extraordinary country, both in terms of its culture, traditions, landscapes, and gastronomy.  In any case, know that the Japanese foods that are found in France for example, is ultimately very different from the one found in Japan.

Whether in Japan or close to your home, there must be some typical Japanese restaurants where you can try these delicious Japanese foods.

So, here are the 4 Japanese foods that you absolutely must try:

The Sukiyaki

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The Sukiyaki 

Very close to shabu, sukiyaki is also a kind of Japanese fondue. Following the same principle as shabu, all ingredients are brought raw on the table and cooked in broth. The major difference is that all the ingredients are already in the hot pot when they are served. The broth is made of soy sauce and sugar. Therefore, all the ingredients take on a deliciously sweet taste.

The Yakiniku

Yakiniku is a Japanese barbecue that will delight meat lovers. Even if you are not a big fan of red meat, the meat is really good. It would be a shame not to try this specialty if you travel to the land of the rising sun. This barbecue is really fun and friendly due to this ” do it yourself” mode. The meat is cut very finely, which makes the taste and the texture in the mouth very pleasant. Since you are doing it yourself, you can control the cooking. Everyone does what he wants.

The traditional Japanese Breakfast

To try a typical Japanese breakfast, go to a “ryokan”, a traditional Japanese inn. Booking a night or two in this kind of establishment will allow you to live the Japanese culture. This experience worths the detour. Covered with a kimono provided by the house, you will be able to experience the Japanese art of living, and taste the refinement of its cuisine.

Matcha Green Tea

Japanese are crazy about green tea. It is found everywhere, in all its forms, and on all occasions. The green tea we are talking about more specifically is matcha green tea.

Matcha is a particular kind of Japanese green tea. It is “tea powder”. The tea is finely ground then mixed with water in a very specific way. Matcha is now used for a large number of recipes ranging from cookies to ice creams.

Advice to travelers: If the taste is too strong for you, try the ice cream matcha, and ask for two flavors: milk and matcha. The ice cream will soften the taste of matcha and allow you to better appreciate it.

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