How To Make Kiddie Chopsticks?

Kiddie chopsticks are cute and fun to make. When you involve your kids in this craft, you not only spend quality time with them but also enhance their creativity. Moreover, when kids play with these sticks, they improve their fine motor skills. Most people find it a little tough to use chopsticks, especially, if they have not been using them since childhood. This cool activity here will enable you to teach your children how to use chopsticks right from the beginning so they won’t face any problems as they grow up.

Fun Fact About Kiddie Chopsticks

Did you know that the ability to use kiddie chopsticks enhances a child’s pre-scissor skill? Also, the ability to use scissors is a pre-writing skill. You can teach your kids that the thumb and index fingers are known as pincher fingers. These are used while operating the chopsticks.

 How To Make Kiddie Chopsticks?


  • One pair of chopsticks
  • The paper that wraps the chopsticks
  • Rubber bands


  • Break the chopsticks apart.
  • Roll up the paper that is given to wrap the chopsticks, till its end.
  • Put the rolled-up bundle in the space between the two ends where you broke the chopsticks from.
  • Now keep a rubber band on top of the chopsticks.
  • Pull the rubber band down and twist to form an “X” shape.
  • Now bring it up over the exterior end of the chopsticks.
  • Wrap the leftover part of the rubber band around the end until it feels quite tight.

Few Tips

While making the kiddie chopsticks, ensure that you roll the paper very thick because the wider it is, the wider will be the chopsticks. Moreover, get cheap and squarish chopsticks for the kids to use. These can be used for picking various items from one side to another, such as parts of play dough. Also, make kids stack blocks using these kiddie sticks. Teach the kids to use their pincher fingers to pick up the blocks or the play dough as this helps to develop their fine motor skills.

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How To Make Kiddie Chopsticks?

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How To Make Kiddie Chopsticks?

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