An Introduction To Korean Food and Its Types

Korean Foods

People in Korea often think of Kim Chi and other delicious dishes such as Bibimbap, Gimbap, Naengmyeon, and Galbi. Indeed, Korean cuisine plays an important role in the ancient culture of Korea.

Each region of Korea has its own unique dish that adapts to the seasons of the year. Raw materials for the processing of Korean dishes are quite varied, such as mushrooms or beans. The colorful dishes represent the delicate cuisine and aesthetics of Koreans. This, for example, includes red chili, green vegetables, black seaweed, egg yolk, or white mushrooms.

In each meal, many dishes are presented. A meal served for a group of people often includes several large dishes and up to twenty side dishes. In addition, there are many kinds of spices such as soy sauce, sesame oil, chili powder, or dried peppers. Kimchi and soybean are the favorite spices, present at each Korean table.

In Korea, meals are the time when the whole family meets around the table. Traditionally, old people begin to eat and others follow. In the meal, all members of the family should sit down carefully, chew quietly, discreetly, and gently lift the bowl off the table. On special days such as weddings or birthdays, people prepare ritual dishes. For example, a traditional birthday party always includes seaweed.

The Typical Korean Foods

While walking the streets, you should try Korean street food to better know about the life and culture of Korea. We listed 4 delicious street foods that you should try while traveling to Korea.

Gimbap – Famous Korean Food

Gimbap, known as Korean seaweed rolls, is a delicious dish ,easy to make. Many Vietnamese kids love this dish. However, if you travel to Korea, you will enjoy this Korean dish with a special taste. The main ingredient of Gimbap is rice on a roasted seaweed leaf, filled with ham, sausages, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, carrots. If you walk the streets of Korea, you will easily find Gimbap.

Mandu -wonton Korean Food Cakes

If Gimbab is widely known to many Vietnamese, Mandu seems stranger. This dish is made of tofu wrapped in meat and vegetables. How to make this delicious Korean dish? Knead the dough to make a crust, then prepare the filling, which consists of a mixture of minced meat and vegetables. Depending on the taste of each person, you can choose it steamed or pan. This dish is serve with kimchi and chili sauce. Certainly, Mandu will bring a unique experience to tourists going to Korea.

Tteokkokki Delicious Rice Cake

If you travel to Korea, you must not miss Tteokkokki, delicious spicy rice cakes. All food places in Korea serve this dish. You will feel the taste of rice, of hot and sweet sauce, and the smell of sesame. Enjoy the hot and spicy taste of this Korean food to dispel the cold of winter, and to warm up your love for Korean culture.

Sundae – Korean Sausage Style

If you have a chance to travel to Korea, try sundae. It is made by filling a mixture of pork, onion, garlic, minced pork, and vermicelli, stuffed into the small pig’s intestine. You can enjoy Sundae with toothpicks or bamboo sticks to discover the complete taste of the dish.

Walking the streets of Korea in cold weather and enjoying the typical street foods will be a great experience.

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