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7 Best South Korean Foods to Try

Korean Cuisine

Korean culture is quite unique in its approach to food. Korean foods seem to permeate every aspect of life. If you have ever watched a Korean movie, you probably noticed that, at least in one scene, someone is eating. There are even movies and series completely based around Korean food. For Koreans, food is more than just filling one’s stomach. Indeed, it provides taste, medicine and a connection to the country. In this article, we listed seven Korean foods you should try.

Kimchi (fermented vegetables)

It is one of the oldest and probably most essential dishes of Korean cuisine. Kimchi is a spicy fermented dish. It includes different ingredients, but the main one is cabbage. Moreover, this dish is famous among foreigners for its unique flavor and its high nutritional value. For Koreans, this dish is popular because of its cultural value. Without kimchi, a Korean dinner is incomplete.

Bibimbap (mixed rice)

Korean Foods
7 Best South Korean Foods to Try

Bibimbap is essentially a bowl of mixed ingredients. It contains namul, mushrooms, beef, soy sauce, gochujang (chili paste) and a fried egg. The ingredients vary according to the region, and the most famous versions of the dish are in Jeonju, Tongyeong, and Jinju.

Bulgogi (barbecue of marinated beef)

Korean Foods
Bulgogi (barbecue of marinated beef)

This juicy and tasty dish of grilled marinated beef is one of the most popular Korean foods in the world. According to CNN Travel’s 2011 survey, it is the world’s 23rd most delicious dish.

Japchae (fried noodles)

Japchae is a traditional Korean noodle dish. It constitutes of finely chopped vegetables, beef, a hint of soy sauce, and sugar. Depending on the chef, extra ingredients, like mushrooms, are added to the mix. Japchae is famous for its sweet and savory taste and its soft but slightly mellow texture.

Hoeddeok (sweet syrupy pancakes)

Known as a sweeter version of the western pancake, hoeddeok is one of the popular Korean foods, especially during winter. It is a flat and circular dough, filled with a mixture of cinnamon, honey, brown sugar and small pieces of peanut, cooked on a hot plate. This delicacy has a crispy exterior, a mellow interior, and an irresistible taste.

Ddukbokki (spicy rice cake)

Ddukbokki also spelled tteokbokki, is a spicy Korean food with cylindrical rice cakes, triangular fish cake, vegetables, and sweet red chili sauce. People appreciate Ddukbokki for the combination of spicy and sweet flavors.

Sundubu-jjigae (soft tofu stew)

Soondubu jiggae is a Korean stew, thicker than a soup, but thinner than a porridge. It is cooked traditionally, in a terracotta pot. The dish consists of tofu and vegetables. Mushrooms, onions, seafood, and meat are optional.

So, which Korean Foods among these, are you going to try?

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