Lunch Boxes To Have For Travel And Also Daily Purposes

Kids' Lunch Boxes And Food Safety

Insulated, stainless steel lunch boxes are perfect when your work demands that you travel frequently. I use Vaya Tyffyn, an insulated lunchbox, and it works pretty well for me.

1. It keeps food warm and fresh for 4-5 hours. I prefer this to search for a plug point or an oven to reheat food. I do not like reheated food as well.

2. The lunchbox is leak-resistant. By design, you have to carry this lunchbox vertically, so the possibility of leaking is very less.

3. Tiffin comes with a smart shoulder bag. It can comfortably accommodate my 3-container lunchbox and also 2 to 3 small snack boxes. I like to carry some healthy snack options while I travel.

4. It comes with removable partitions so I can carry variety on days I feel like. It also comes in 3 different_sizes. It comes of stainless steel; it is easy to clean.

5. Apart from all the above factors, what impressed me the most is the colors and patterns it comes in. Beautiful designs and vibrant colors that made it hard for me to settle for just one. Apart from the one I use, let us see some other lunch boxes-

Lunch Boxes To Have For Travel And Also Daily Purposes
Lunch Boxes To Have For Travel And Also Daily Purposes

Lunch Boxes: Some Options To Check Out

Borosil Glass Lunch Box Set of 3

· This Lunch Box is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is much harder and more robust than ordinary glass and does not retain stains or odors

· The silicon gasket present ensures that the container is entirely spill-proof and leak-proof

· The gasket also helps in retaining the freshness and taste of the food

· With this lunch box, you can eat straight out of the container as it can withstand extreme temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius

· You can also put it from the fridge directly into the microwave or even use it to store food in the freezer while preparing meals for a more extended period.

· It remains scratch-free and doesn’t get cloudy, so you can safely put it in the dishwasher as well.

·This item available in three different shapes and sizes ranging from 240ml to 525ml in sets of 2,3, and 4 containers

· Unlike plastic or ordinary glass, will not leach chemicals into your food even after repeated usage

Signoraware Double Decker Glass Lunch Box Set, 4-Pieces, One Of The Lunch Box To Discuss

· The bowls of this lunch box are made from 100% Food Grade durable Borosilicate glass and the covers are made of BPA free virgin plastic

· The airtight containers can keep your food and beverages fresh for long hours

· The spill-proof containers are straightforward to clean and maintain and ensures zero mess

· These are easily stackable for convenient storage, and the unique insulated bag present keeps food warm for more extended hour

· Borosilicate glass material makes the Signoraware lunch boxes sturdy and durable

· This item comes with a specially designed seal and a secure lock system not only keeps your food fresh but also makes sure that the fluids do not spill.

· Additionally, the glass containers are suitable to be kept in the freezer and can be washed in dishwashers as well

· These Lunch boxes are microwave friendly and can withstand heat up to 300-degree Celsius

· The transparent glass material containers enable you to see your food from outside without having to open the lid

· This product does not absorb gravy stains and remains crystal-clear even after multiple uses

Lunch Boxes To Have For Travel And Also Daily Purposes
Lunch Boxes To Have For Travel And Also Daily Purposes

One More To Check Out

 Cello Max Fresh Click Steel Lunch Box Set, 4-Pieces

· These Lunch Boxes are made from stainless steel and are very sturdy and durable.

· It has a unique silicone seal, which is airtight and thus prevents any kind of food spilling.

· This set also comes with a lunch bag, a collection of spoon and fork which makes it easy. And also convenient for you to carry lunch every day

· The stainless steel containers are airtight, and leak-proof also prevent food spillage

· It has four side lock-able lids of the containers consists of a food-grade silicone seal. This locks in the freshness and retains the moisture of the food for long hours.

· This lunch box set includes four tiffin boxes that allow you to carry a variety of food

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