Chinese Cuisine

List Of The Most Popular Chinese Dishes

Asian Chinese food is very trendy food in these days. here we discuss some delicious Chinese recipes.

Chinese Menu: Backbone of Asian Taste

Chinese menu are the backbone of Asian test. here we discuss some food that influence by Chinese food

Ten Most Popular Chinese Chicken Dishes

Here in this article we discuss, ten most popular Chinese chicken dishes which have rich flavor and delicious taste.

Chinese Noodles: Most popular Asian-Chinese Cuisine

Chinese noodles are most popular Asian- Chinese Cuisine. Here we discuss all about noodles.

5 Chinese Desserts That You Should Try When Traveling To China

5 Chinese Desserts That You Should Try When Traveling To China

If you are going to travel to China, these are the 5 traditional Chinese desserts that you should try. Chinese fried ice cream It is one of China’s typical desserts. The main ingredients are well-frozen vanilla ice cream balls, flour, bread crumbs, grated coconut, egg, and oil. Chinese fried ice cream is a ball of […]

The History Of Chinese Noodles

Chinese Noodles: Do You Know They Have an Interesting History

These long noodles are popular in China, Japan, Korea, Iran, and many other countries. In fact, they even served as an inspiration for Italian pasta. Because of their delicious taste, they are ideal to have a complete and comforting meal. But do you want to know from where do the Chinese noodles come? Vestiges and […]

Typical Foods On A Chinese Menu

Dishes, Desserts and Other Typical Foods in Chinese Cuisine

From the gastronomy of China comes the custom of seasoning the dishes with a wide variety of sauces, vinegar, spices, and jams. Indeed, the mantra on which the elaboration of the typical dishes of China is based gathers four basic concepts: color, flavor, aroma, and presentation. So in this context, we listed the main dishes […]

Chinese Recipes of Small Chicken Salad Rolls

Chinese Recipe of Small Chicken Salad Rolls

There is absolutely no added fat in Chinese recipes. The chicken is poached in a ginger broth, cut and mixed with a soy vinaigrette and vegetables. It is then rolled into lettuce leaves for a delicious snack or appetizer. Preparation time: 40 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes Quantity: 16 rollers Ingredients: 250 ml low sodium […]

Chinese Desserts

Chinese Desserts - How Are They?

Usually, when we mention Western desserts, we imagine a long list of different sweet and delicious dishes, varieties of cakes, different types of chocolates, ice cream, sweets, and puddings. On the other side, when we think of Chinese desserts, the list does not seem very long. It may even be difficult to name singular or […]

Simply Asia – An Overview of Specialty of Asian Food

Simply Asia - An Overview of Speciality of Asian Food

Tasty, intense and, rich, simply Asia is known to be one of the most loved cuisines on the planet. Asian cuisine knows how to make the most of vegetables, spices, fish, seafood, and nuts with a twist. Let’s Start Knowing the Depth of Asian Food When we refer to Asian food, we consider many cuisines […]

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