Vietnamese Food- 8 dishes to try in Vietnam

Vietnamese Food- 8 dishes to try in Vietnam!

If you are hungry and wonder what to eat on your next trip to Vietnam, this article may be useful. Indeed, with the pictures, names, and descriptions, you will be more enlightened. Vietnamese food offers beautiful surprises.

Vietnam offers a wide range of dishes to try. You just have to think outside of the box. It’s always fresh and with a nice variety of foods. Interestingly, there is almost always a ritual before eating, making Vietnamese food even more interesting.

Do not be afraid to eat in places that have small chairs and tables on the sidewalk. Indeed, it is a pleasure to eat on these little benches with the locals, observing the urban life in front of you.

Usually, every little kiosk is specialized in a particular dish. Dare to try things you do not know. Moreover, if someone eats a dish you visually like, do not hesitate to point and ask for the same thing.

We listed delicious and famous Vietnamese food that you must try.

Bún chả

Bún chả comes from northern Vietnam. It is mainly rice vermicelli, with grilled pork, pork balls, herbs, and a dipping sauce. In this sauce, there is fish sauce, rice vinegar, broth, garlic, and pickled vegetables. The Bún chả is so popular that you can find it everywhere in Vietnam.

Gỏi cuon

What would Vietnamese food be without these rolls of happiness? Indeed, these rolls are good, fresh and tasty. Herbs make all the difference in these spring rolls. This is the perfect little “snack” to nibble in the street and at a low price.

Moreover, pickled vegetables (daikon and carrot) are absolutely necessary for this sandwich. Whether for lunch or dinner, there are several varieties for all tastes. Also, favor the fresh baguettes, it is much better.

Stuffed squids (Mực nhôi thịt)

It is a specialty from central Vietnam. Don’t like seafood? We are sure you would like this dish anyway. Squid is stuffed with minced pork and vegetables. It is served with a simple sauce made of salt, pepper, and sugar.

Bò lá lôt

The Bo lot is a dish that you can mainly find in South Vietnam, for example, in Ho Chi Minh City. In short, it is a betel leaf stuffed with beef that is then grilled. It usually comes with pickled vegetables, vermicelli, herbs, peanuts, and shallots. It depends on the place, but some places serve them with a mayonnaise-like sauce.

Bánh bèo

This specialty comes from the center of Vietnam, from the city of Hue. Although you can find it elsewhere, the best is in Hue. It is actually a kind of little crepe, made with steamed rice flour. Usually, there are shrimps, shallots, and fried pork. It is a very delicate and really tasty dish that goes well with a beer. You can stack the bowls one by one when you are done.

Bánh tráng nuong

Vietnamese food has its equivalent in terms of pizza. Banh Trang is a sheet of rice that is cooked on a grill. It includes several ingredients such as a quail egg, shrimp, dried pork, shallot, and chili sauce. Vietnamese usually make them directly on the street.

Bún bò Nam Bộ

It is a delicious dish from northern Vietnam. This beef salad comes with herbs, rice noodles and crispy ingredients like peanuts and fried shallots.

Banh bao vac

This is one of the great specialties of the city of Hoi An in central Vietnam. It is also called “White Rose”. It is actually a variation of dumpling. This is usually done with shrimp and served with a slightly sweet sauce. Since the dumpling dough is bleached, it gives a somewhat translucent look to the dough, hence the name “white roses”.

And you, what is your favorite Vietnamese food?

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